Patent Litigation

Texas Instruments v. Dell Computer Corp. Lead counsel representing Dell in a "bet the company" patent suit filed in Dallas, Texas. Plaintiff asserted 12 patents against Dell and the PC industry in general. The patented technology related to virtually all aspects of personal computers, including microprocessor design, keyboard and video controllers, peripheral device controllers, power on self testing, basic instruction sets and bus configuration. The case settled on the eve of trial with favorable license terms for Dell.

Intervoice, Inc. v. Precision Systems, Inc. Lead counsel representing Intervoice as patentee in an infringement suit filed in Dallas, Texas. The patented technology related to voice response customer relation management software. The case was settled just prior to trial on terms favorable to my client.

Friedrich v. General Electric. Acted as second chair in this patent infringement action representing GE in a six week jury trial in San Antonio federal district court. Responsible for pretrial discovery, briefing, and motion practice. At trial, conducted direct and cross of experts and fact witnesses, and the development of the damage case, as well as the charge conference. The jury returned a verdict of infringement against our client, but with minimal damages.

Jensen and Fetz v. Cilco. Represented Cilco in a patent infringement action filed in the Central District of California, Los Angeles Division. The patented technology related to intraocular lens designs. The case settled on the eve of trial favorably to our client, the defendant.

Big Three Industries v. Halliburton. Lead counsel representing Plaintiff in a patent infringement action filed in federal district court for the Southern District of Texas. The patents involved were directed to various secondary and tertiary recovery methods for oil and gas wells, including nitrogen foam injection and fracturing techniques. Case settled favorably for plaintiff prior to trial.

Texas Instruments v. Compaq Computer Corporation. Represented Compaq which was an existing licensee of a dozen patents. TI threatened suit when Compaq objected to the scope and amount of royalties TI was demanding. Renegotiated the license terms after doing an examination of TI's patent portfolio. The new terms were very favorable to Compaq, and litigation was avoided. The patents involved related to virtually all aspects of personal computers from microprocessor design to video and keyboard controllers, as well as basic instruction sets.

Texas Textile Industries (TTI) v. Greater Texas Finishing Co. Lead counsel representing defendant in a patent infringement suit filed in Austin, Texas. We were successful in obtaining defense of the case by the insurance carrier under the GCL policy which included "Piracy." The case was settled at no cost to our client after two years of discovery.

Texas Textile Industries v. Masco Industries, dba "Target". Lead counsel in defense of Masco in a patent infringement case filed in Austin, Texas. The case was settled relatively quickly and at no cost to our client.

International Rectifier v. SGS Thompson. Co-counsel representing Defendant in a patent infringement action filed in the Dallas, Texas federal district court. The patented technology related to methods of manufacturing semiconductor circuits using poly-silicon substrates. The case settled prior to trial in a favorable cross license of multiple patents held by the parties.

Baumstiller v. Laughlin. Mr. Webb was second chair in an oil field tool patent litigation for plaintiff. Tried to the bench in Midland, Texas. Held patent valid, but no infringement.

Stolfo v. Columbia University. Co-lead counsel representing Columbia University in a patent litigation filed in the Southern District of New York. The patented technology related to basic binary tree architecture for software applications. The case settled favorably to the Defendant after the depositions of the inventors were completed.

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