Other Litigation and Experience

United States Navy, JAG Corps. 1977-1980
Lead prosecutor in over a hundred criminal prosecutions tried to the bench and to juries. Cases included major felonies such as murder, rape, grand larceny, drugs, assaults and various military offenses. One hundred percent conviction in all cases tried.

Areas of Technical Experience:
Computer Software. In addition to the patent and trade secret litigation in this area, I have also successfully prosecuted many software patents, and have served as CEO and general counsel of three software companies.
Computer Hardware. I have litigated many trade secret and patent cases relating to computer system hardware like microprocessor design, and have successfully prosecuted many patents relating to computer systems, devices, and component hardware including memory devices and circuit level component designs.

            Telephony. I have litigated telephony related patents and trade secrets, and have prosecuted patents in the areas of cell phone (CDMA) technology, basic switching circuitry and routing technology.

            Oil Field Technology. I have significant background and experience relating to oil field tool design, including blow out preventers, drilling bits, down hole fishing tools, well treatment and recovery methods, and nuclear and conventional logging techniques.

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